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Blaskapelle &
Marching Band Berlin

Blaskapelle Berlin

To have for each Capital City Fun is a unique marching band MEN IN BLECH!

This distinctive Marching Band stands out from all known brass bands. A pure eye candy, who is also a treat for the ears.

Nationally known, the mobile brass band MEN IN BLECH, the streets between Berlin and Potsdam and in the rest of Brandenburg will enchant you with their sounds for super original dance show.


No matter how big your event is, the brass band, music show and entertainment belt MEN IN BLECH is the appropriate and special Act. By show of musicians some Berlin events have been noticed in the first place!

Dance with these funky brass band music in a class in the night, the day or the sky. With Brass Band MEN IN BLECH no leg remains unmoved and flipped no fingers.